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Background information:

Latvia belongs to the EU countries where HIV infection rates are high. In 2010-2011, HIV infection was reported in 50 of 119 municipalities and regional cities (42%). [1].

On June 1, 2013, there were 5 666 individuals on account at the HIV/AIDS Department, as well as 1 224 new patients, whose HIV infection had deteriorated into AIDS. This value has a tendency to increase – in 2011, there were 110 newly infected patients; 2012 – 137 cases of infection, according to the data from the Latvian Infectology Centre. [2].

1009 people have died in Latvia due to HIV/AIDS since 1987, when the first case of HIV infection was registered.[2].

Incidence of HIV cases has also decreased over the years: from 25 cases in 1997 to 139 in 2012. However, the actual number of HIV-infected people may be higher than this.[1.,2].

In 2011 and 2012 the most common HIV transmission ways were heterosexual transmission (2011 – 144 (48,2%), 2012 – 112 (33,04%) cases) and injecting drug use (2011 – 90 (30,1%), 2012 – 94 (27,7%) cases). [2].

HIV cases were registered only among males from 1987 to 1993. In Latvia HIV-infected female was first registered in 1994. Although males are infected with HIV more often than females, since 1994 there has been a gradual percentage increase in HIV-infected females. (2011 — 34% of HIV-infected were females, 2012 – 36% were females). [1].

Mapping of National Society activities HIV and AIDS Harm Reduction Tuberculosis (TB)


Organizing International AIDS Memorial Day activities with different NGO`s ( „DIA + LOGS”, „Alliance HIV.LV”, „AGIGHAS” in Riga.)People were very responsive and in AIDS Memorial Day 2012 campaign were distributed about 140 information materials,150 postcards and photographs of celebrities, approximately, 300 condoms. People were also given the Red ribbon, which is politically correct accessory and symbol of understanding, sympathy and moral support to those who are infected with HIV / AIDS.


On Sunday 19 May 2013, for the 30th time was commemorated International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. The main activities was creating a Memorial flowerbed with candles in a the red ribbon shape at Infectology Center of Latvia, at the same time  the volunteers in city center was distributed  passerby information about this serious infection. The event ended at the monument Stela where people light memorial candle.


Low – threshold centre in night shelter “Gaizins” in Riga – variety of services for injecting drug users – exchange of syringes, condoms, rapid HIV, VHB, STI and TB testing, basic health check – measure blood pressure on health promotion and medical issues, measure glucose and cholesterol level.


Organizing awareness campaign in World TB day in cooperation with Tuberculosis Foundation of Latvia, The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) of Latvia.

LRC and LRCY volunteers shared informative materials regarding TB.

The visitors were able to participate in quiz to see how much they know about tuberculosis. People could get a lung x-ray for free and get also answers provided by leading organizations, doctors, and experts onTB prevention, diagnosis and treatment options.

Counseling   Low – threshold centre provides with information and consultations regarding HIV, STI, TB issues injecting drug users, commercial sex, and men who have sex with men. In case of symptoms in LRC Health promotion centre is possibility to have rapid TB testing and counseling. Also provides visitors with informative materials.
Advocacy Activities on May – International AIDS Memorial Day, activities on 1st of December — International Day of AIDS Victims.    

LRC is a member of National Coordination Committee for HIV, TB and STI prevention.

«Alliance HIV.LV» and «AGIGHAS», „DIA + LOGS”


LRC is a member of National Coordination Committee for HIV, TB and STI prevention.

Cooperating with other Latvian NGO`s – Youth against AIDS, PLHIV, „DIA + LOGS”

Tuberculosis Foundation of Latvia


Best practice LRC participated in training “Training on Harm Reduction approaches to drug use treatment” – Riga 3 – 7 December 2012 Work of Low – threshold centre in night shelter  
Contact persons

Laila Stale


Sanita Marnauza



Laila Stale


Sanita Marnauza



Laila Stale


Sanita Marnauza



[2] http://www.spkc.gov.lv/hiv-aids/


Latvian Red Cross
ERNA Contact Information Head Head ERNA Contact Person ERNA Contact Person
Name Surname Valdis Nagobads Uldis Likops Laila Stale Sanita Marnauza
Role in the National Society President Secretary General Head of Health promotion programme Programme Coordinator
E-mails valdis.nagobads@redcross.lv uldis.likops@redcross.lv laila.stale@redcross.lv sanita.marnauza@redcross.lv
Phone numbers +371 67336651 +371 67336651 +371 67686307 +371 67686312
Fax +371 67336652 +371 67336652 +371 67336652 +371 67336652
Post address Sarlotes Street 1D, Riga, Latvia, LV-1001


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