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15 Апрель 2020
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ERNA Newsletter for 2019

Since 1997, ERNA has provided regular information and technical support to European National Societies that consider these infectious diseases as a priority of their action in the field of public health and assistance to vulnerable groups such as migrants, sex workers, IDUs, prisoners, hard-to reach population.  

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27 Февраль 2019

ERNA Newsletter for 2018

ERNA is glad to share the Annual Newsletter including main activities of the Network members on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.

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13 Март 2018

Declarations on Drug Policy adopted by youth | Africa, Middle East, Central Asia

The project aims to promote active participation of young people in drug policy development and implementation, through: improving skills and capacity of youth organizations in advocating for the rights of vulnerable people such as drug users; fostering quality improvements in youth work and volunteering; enhancing cooperation between youth organizations from different regions of the world; promoting…

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